The Shot Collar
The Shot Collar

The Shot Collar

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Silicone Wristband - Having the basketball on the tips of your fingers is one of the most fundamental aspects of shooting the basketball and using the proper form.  The Shot Collar wristband and shooting aid can be used in a multitude of ways. First as a wristband to remind yourself and show others your loves of the game and dedication you have to perfecting your craft. Most importantly, it allow you to practice seamlessly from its use as a wristband to use as a shooting aid. It keeps the ball off of the palm while shooting and dribbling. Allowing you to get used to using your fingertips. So, use The Shot Collar and call you shot...SWISH!!!!

  • Sizes options: One Size - 20mm (S,M,L) ( fits most Youth and Extra Large coming soon)
  • This is Silicone and 20mm can stretch to fit almost all hands. Unless you're Boban Marjanovic. (If you are Boban drops us a note so we can specially design one for you)

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