About us

Created in the summer of 2020 by fans of basketball. Where Basketball Happens was started by a family of basketball lovers, a dad, sons, a daughter and a mom - who loves her family of basketball lovers. Where Basketball Happens formed when the family was talking about following your dreams and doing what you love. The children reminded their father that he has always said he loved and loves basketball. They reminded their Dad to follow his dreams of working in the basketball field.  The Co-Founder, Steve, saw an opportunity to show his children that following your dreams is one of the most important things in life, taking them along the ride to teach them about business and growing their love for basketball. Now basketball fans everywhere have a chance to show their love for basketball by wearing something they can be proud of, using training gear that helps take their game to next level and join our family of basketball lovers.

At Where Basketball Happens we are committed to the game of basketball because we love it. We are committed to seeing the game go to next level. By looking at all aspects of the game of basketball and basketball the game and business we will join other care takers of basketball and move it to the next level.

We are here. We'll be there. You can find us Where Basketball Happens!